BE2 Business/Education Expectations


Suggested Mentor Activities

If you are a mentor and have ideas in addition to those listed below or would like more ideas from other mentors, please visit the Mentor Forums section of this website to read and contribute. 

  • Build relationship initially with a “get acquainted” activity.
  • Help your student with time/money management, organization, and goal setting.
  • Discuss career interests/options, hobbies, local history/traditions.
  • Meet for lunch.
  • Discuss the day’s headlines.
  • Create a list of resources about occupations and employment options.
  • Attend school activities in which your student is involved.
  • Be an active listener and talk with your student about things of interest.
  • Encourage student to write about experiences and reflect on learning.
  • Assist student with gaining computer skills.
  • Assist student in relating academic studies to real life.
  • Conference with teacher (s) concerning student’s areas of need.
  • Take time each week to discuss the importance of personal best.
  • Guide student in setting personal goals related to academics, attendance, conduct, etc.