BE2 Business/Education Expectations


Our Corporate and Community Partners

  • Burroughs and Chapin
  • AVX
  • State Farm
  • Centex Homes
  • Jackson Companies
  • Family Dollar
  • Bank of America
  • Leon Levine Foundation

Business and Education, hand in hand. What an interesting phenomenon, one that has been elusive in many places for many years. In the past, as educators went about the business of educating their students, business went about the business of doing business. It was only on rare occasion that the two met and understood each other’s needs and objectives.

BE2 is designed to bridge that gap. It will provide monetary support, but also ideas and sweat equity, building an educational system that works as a true economic developer, building an educational system that provides rigor, engagement, relevancy and reality for ALL concerned.

Your business can make a difference

Both Horry County businesses and individuals in those businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to join BE2 and help to create positive change within our community. We welcome the energy and contributions of all who share an interest in business, education, and the quality of life in Horry County and the great state of South Carolina.

There are many ways to help. Businesses and individuals may choose to provide financial support, to play a key role in the BE2 Servant Leadership Support program, or to serve hand in hand with peers on any number of results-driven BE2 committees.

Monetary contributions are welcome. Contracted for a five-year period, contributions can be spread out over that time period. BE2 financial support levels consist of:

Platinum $100,000+
Gold $75,000+
Silver $50,000+
Bronze $25,000+
Patron $1,000–$24,000

Join the BE2 Servant Leadership program. With the exception of the Platinum 4-year commitment, all other levels of commitment will be contracted over a one-year period of time. Continuous training will be provided for all participating. Expectations and evaluations will be outlined, and assistance provided on all levels.

Choose from these Servant Leadership support levels

Adopt a student for a four-year period throughout his or her early college high school enrollment. (link to mentor section)
Provide 10 or more paid internships for students or teachers within your business or organization. (link to summer career exploration section)
Fully sponsor a student for a summer bridge program (an international travel experience) or provide full sponsorship for a teacher to attend an institutional summer program focused on enrichment activity.
Provide 250 hours per year of mentorship/tutorials to students at Horry County’s new Early College High School.
Provide 100 hours per year of volunteer services in support of Early College High School students, administrators, teachers, and/or facilities.