BE2 Business/Education Expectations


Early College High School Committees

Foundation Fund Raising

  • Fund Raising: This committee consists of participants who enjoy the innovativeness of planning fund raising activities on multiples of levels. These individuals will push out ideas for new fund raising concepts as well as have the ability to organize events, orchestrate ticket sales and be innovative and implementing of new and effective fund raising events to benefit the ECHS on multiples of levels
  • Direct Solicitation: This committee consists of participants who have an in-depth understanding of the business culture and financial status in Horry County as well as the state of SC. These participants will have the ability to structure giving plans for businesses and organizations as well as communicate with them and work the plans over several years. This committee will also solicit and grow scholarship contributions from businesses, organizations as well as individuals and work to integrate the scholarship awards into the ECHS system, of course holding hands and working with higher educational systems concurrently. This special area will also apply to monies needed to teacher scholarships, special training funds as well as inter and intra continental travel scholarships.
  • Grant Proposals: This committee consists of participants who have cutting edge ideas concerning new techniques in all areas of innovative learning. These individuals will want to work with grants writers that will be employed in new grant proposal endeavors in brainstorming, writing and perhaps in the securing of funding from sources that they may have relationships with or choose to develop.
  • Marketing and Public Relations: This committee consists of participants who may be in the marketing and public relations business professionally or who may have a great interest in this area of work. This group of people will provide the communications for all of the activities that are taking place and will take place with the Business Education Expectations Board as well as the K-12 Foundation of Horry County. This group will interface on all levels and will serve a special role with awareness of the new endeavor as well as all funding activities and events. They will oversee production of all collateral materials and will be involved in all media activities. We would choose to have participants for all areas of advertising involved.

Student Mentoring

This group consists of participants who would like to mentor a student enrolled in the newly implemented early college high school beginning with the ninth grade of their high school experience and continuing through their twelfth grade year. This experience can contain multiples of experiences between mentor and mentee, inclusive of but not limited to: academic tutoring and advising, chatting and give counseling on many topics, socializing, teaching of social and business skills, interacting on levels that are palatable to both mentors and mentees. BE2 staff will facilitate training will provided for mentors and mentors and the matching and integration process. Direct interactive participation, recruitment and training will all be entities that will be addressed under the auspices of this group.

Student Internships

This group/committee consists of participants who would either like to provide a structured, paid, supervised, evaluative internship experience within their business, company or organization or of individuals who feel that they are well networked, have good communication skills and would like to solicit internship sites as well as assist with the matching, placement and total integration of the students involved. This group will be responsible for recruitment, skills identification and positive position placement of students within these internship placements.

Business Curriculum Development

This group/committee should consist of participants who consider themselves to have solid, innovative and realistic ideas for integration of principles, concepts that are considered to be systemic to the development of a “real world of work” curriculum. These individuals would identify their area of expertise in which they would like to work, connect with department heads and teachers of the curriculums in which they have knowledge and work hand in hand with educational professionals in the construction and implementation of these principles. Participants in this group might even choose to teach a course within their area of expertise, pro bono or for monetary gain.

Expansion Services

This committee would provide the breaking of new ground for the expansion of BE2 on a state and national level, providing ideas for workshops to be held in Horry County that would train others on a state and national level about the creation of Business Education Expectations. This group would be intuitive and would provide additional leadership for training and futuristic activities of BE2. Events. This group can write and develop any expansions that BE2 deems necessary and prudent.

Other Charter Committees

BE2 is a newly conceived and newly birthed organization. We have put ideas together for some of the beginning frameworks of BE2 to give this group a direction of some of the needs this new group will serve. However we need your ideas and thoughts about additional services you are thinking that BE2 could and would provide and would welcome all your thoughts, ideas and concepts: Send your thoughts here